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IA LX 2015 by ValkeryMillenia
IA LX 2015

This is my entry for the poster/art competition at Iberanime LX 2015. 

The theme was Iberanime LX’s 10th edition. 

I really liked the idea of the broken TV leaking fandom magic out into the real world so that’s what I went with.

The man I drew in the corner of the poster is the host and face of IA and a friend, since he goes by Itachi I gave him sharingan eyes which also hint at the cosplay community. The red android is a humanized/feminized version of the IA mascot.


Tragedy by ValkeryMillenia

So a friend asked and I delivered… Tragic bloody Amorra to destroy your feels.

It was fun to draw but now I hate it- I just can’t draw blood in general and I hate how Noatak turned out it this but I can’t put my finger on what exactly is wrong with it. Also, I got really lazy and didn’t do line art, I just cleaned the sketch a little and colored on top of it. Hope people can enjoy it anyway.

Done on ArtRage 3. 

Credit to :iconsenshistock: for the pose reference.

Korra and Amon/Noatak belong to Nickelodeon and are the creation of Bryan Konietzko and Michael Dante DiMartino.

Xana by ValkeryMillenia
My first attempt at realistic art in a digital medium.
It's a portrait of my beloved baby sister.

The background pattern does not belong to me but to a DA artist whose username I can't recall. I'll try to give proper credit as soon as I find her/him.
THE CASTAWAY universe- Amorra Grandbabies by ValkeryMillenia
THE CASTAWAY universe- Amorra Grandbabies

FINALLY! IT’S DONE! I’m sorry these look flawed but I’m not used to this laptop so…Yeah. 

Here are my Amorra grandchildren following the context of “The Castaway” and its Amorra babies.

About the facial tattoos- these are an old (and in some places obsolete) Inuit coming-of-age tradition reserved for females, girls are tattooed at puberty and are highly respected for enduring the pain. I headcanon that this was a Water Tribe tradition that become obsolete far before Korra’s time but around the time of her children it was brought back and became popular again for girls of Water Tribe ancestry. 

Oh and the flowers the twins are wearing are white lotuses.

On Tumblr (with OC info)-…

Legend of Korra belongs to Nickelodeon and is the creation of Bryan Konietzko and Michael Dante DiMartino.

THE CASTAWAY universe- OC Biya by ValkeryMillenia
THE CASTAWAY universe- OC Biya

I finally finished this! I started it at the same time as my Nilak and Minori art (heck, the toddler version of this was done before I even finished sketching anything for the other two OC’s) but only went back to it now. 

Like with Nilak, it started just as doodles of the character at different ages and then turned into a sub-par outfit study and then a quick color study but the perfectionist in me just had to color all the little details and take this too far. I also got a bit too carried away with Chinese and Vietnamese clothes refs and ended up making 5 versions when I only had 3 planned originally. 

Ages (approx.):

  1. Toddler-ish (between 2-5)
  2. Child (between 6-9)
  3. Pre-teen (9-12)
  4. Teen (13-17)
  5. Adult (18+)

About this OC:

Biya is the surprise-child of a certain police officer and retired navy official but since one is somewhat unwillingly absent and the other is a workaholic, the person that takes care of her the most growing up is her adopted big brother, her aunt is also a big influence in her life and she idolizes her grandmother. Nonetheless they are all pretty happy in their own unusual way.

Due strict parenting, a lot of family pressure and some huge names to live up to, Biya turned out very rebellious (sometimes for no reason), adventurous, impulsive, flirtatious and has a problem with authority, specially her mother’s authority- she looks up to and adores the woman but can’t bear to admit it to someone so stern so she gets attention by acting out. Biya is proud of her family but is always trying to find her own individuality and identity outside the clan. 

This girl changes her mind often, is somewhat overconfident, has a tendency to get into trouble and is a bit addicted to adrenaline but she’s sweet, playful, kind-hearted and naive. 

She dyes the tips of her hair in showy colors, it’s a staple of hers that started as a way to defy her mother but she ended up becoming attached to the look, yet she gets bored of a color fast so she changes it every month; after an injury in her late childhood, Biya also started using her bangs to cover her right eye because the pupil is permanently dilated thus making her eyes uneven which she is self-conscious about but since she can’t really see much from that eye anyway the bangs just feel natural. On another note, she also got piercings in her early teens, which attests to her inability to think ahead since she didn’t remember that puncturing metal into her ears without permission gave her metalbending mother the perfect medium for punishment.

She denied her bending heritage for the longest time because she didn’t want to have to live up to the family reputation and preferred to try to identify with her father’s abilities as way to be close to him (and rebel against her mom’s expectations) but ultimately she was forced to reveal herself as an earthbender. Sadly, she doesn’t have any talent for metalbending and instead specializes in bending dust and sand though she still hopes to get a hang of metalbending someday or maybe learn to lava-bend.

Biya is Nilak’s best friend and long-standing crush though totally clueless of that last fact, she’s also the person that seems to keep their group together, knows them all well enough to make them all laugh and can bring out the best in her friends despite constantly getting them into trouble. Also, she had a bad habit of teasing/pranking/roughhousing and blackmailing the people she loves the most (particularly her brother).

Finally, she spends a lot of her time at Air Temple Island, be it at the temple itself with the paternal side of her family or at the Avatar’s house because of Nilak, however she finds the Air Nomad ways somewhat boring and although she adores Korra in a big-sister sort of way, she’s really intimidated by Noatak and constantly trying to impress. 

On Tumblr (with close-ups)-…

Legend of Korra belongs to Nickelodeon and is the creation of Bryan Konietzko and Michael Dante DiMartino.
Hello everyone.
Yes, I'm still alive. I haven't been updating my journal (even though I have lots to say) but I have been on DA and updating my gallery.
I'm currently out of internet but I still pop in when I can.

Anyway, I'm here today to leave the links for my writing work. I don't quite like posting that sort of work on DA though it's mostly out of my own issues with the posting methods.
I have a accounts for my fanfictions and a account for other work (though in the lunaescence account I also an old, old, oooooooooold Inuyasha fanfiction that I plan to spell-check, change, improve and repost on ff some day).
Here are the links:……

Thanks everyone!
I'll try to update more significantly soon.


EDIT: My Legend of Korra fanfic (The Castaway) is growing rapidly. I'm flying through it and would looooooooove some opinions. It's on ff.
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Artist | Hobbyist | Varied

-I'm an artist (bad or good that's a matter of perspective).
-I'm a writer.
-I'm goth.
-I'm a depressed optimist.
-I'm bi.
-I'm wiccan.
-I'm in love.
-I'm a good listener.
-I'm passionate about what I like.
-I'm impartial.
-I'm part of a multi-racial family and I'm proud of it.
-I'm VERY open-minded.
-I'm a cosplayer.
-I'm a beauty blogger.
-I was born in Africa.
-I do beta-writting.
-I like horror.
-I like vampires.
-I love manga and anime.
-I love Japan and Egypt.
-I love mythology.
-I'm a pacifist and I respect life.
-I love animals.
-I'm a cat person (but I also like dogs).
-I own turtles.
-I like and own bettas.
-I try to be a good friend.
-I have DID.
-I have a thing for eyes.
-I like bdsm.
-I have eclectic tastes.
-I love computers and technology as much as I love nature.
-I speak more than one language.
-I will NOT fav out of pity.
-I am NOT easily impressed.
-I do NOT work well under pressure.
-I do not attack or insult, I critisize constructively.


Current Residence: Portugal
Favourite genre of music: All
Favourite photographer: Secret
Favourite style of art: All especially metaphor paintings, anime style, traditional art, gothic art, mythological art, ect
Operating System: Windows 7
Wallpaper of choice: Depends
Favourite cartoon character: SEVERAL
Personal Quote: It's all a matter of perspective!

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